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Grand Fantasia is an MMORPG where you can dive into an extensive fantasy world where you and your friends will be the main characters in loads of exciting adventures.

Before you start playing, you'll have to register and create your own character using loads of different options: from customizing your avatar’s physical attributes by selecting hair color or face type, to choosing a class (fighter, hunter, acolyte, sorcerer) and picking a sprite to accompany you.

The game, like almost all in its genre, comes with tons of quests that you can complete alone, in co-op with a few friends, or even with your entire clan. In addition, you can enter into fights with other players in order to get more glory.

As you complete all the different missions and kill monsters, you'll go up levels, and in doing so improve your character's class. For example, if you're a fighter and you reach level 30 you'll be able to choose whether to become a Paladin or a berserker.

Of course, once you start playing and going up levels, you'll also be able to get new equipment with which to further improve your character. This way, you'll be able to overcome increasingly difficult challenges to make your character stronger and stronger.

Grand Fantasia is your typical everyday MMORPG with a customary gameplay, but a very fun anime look that fans of this genre will surely love.
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